Welcome to SwitchSteez
Est 2011
The name SwitchSteez was brought about getting inspired with the crew Skating and Snowboarding the hard way (switch) with Style (steez). The product line was then born for others to enjoy and work on their own skills and sport.
SwitchSteez makes high quality skate ramps, scooter ramps and half pipes in New Zealand. All Halfpipe models are constructed with 100% H3 treated timber and are built to last.
If you love Skateboarding and are looking for a ramp for your backyard, garage, or driveway we can build you something to fit.
All product is built to order with varying time frames according to size and structure.
Halfpipes require a 50% deposit.


Nov 2019 Epsom

2Foot 2.4M Wide

Dec 2019 Takapuna

3Foot 3M Wide

Dec 2019 Devonport

2Foot 3.3mWide

Dec 2019 Pukehina

3.5 Foot 3.6M Wide 4-1/4Foot extension

Riversdale Xmas 2018
Cambridge 2018

Skatelite Pro Surfacing

3.5foot 3 Sheet Halfpipe

Takapuna Jan 2018 Owner Built Foundation


Pukehina Stainless


Epsom dec 2017
Papamoa 2017

3Foot 3Sheet

3.5foot 3 Sheet Halfpipe

Papamoa 2017

3.5 foot with 4.5foot ext

Skatelite Pro

Waiheke 2016


4 foot 3 sheet

Wellington 2016

2foot 2 sheet halfpipe


3foot 2sheet mini


3foot 2 sheet Mini

100% treated mini ramp built in east Auckland with thicker transitional Ply.

Sept 2016 for $3750
2foot 3sheet Halfpipe

100% Treated ramp thats great ramp for height restrictions or the younger generation

Late 2015 for $4250
2 - 1/2 sheet Halfpipe on foundation

Make space for your halfpipe where ever you can. This hidden bush gem came complete on foundation including to basic handrails.


Xmas 2015 for $5000
3 + 1/2 foot - 3 + 1/2 Sheet

Fully treated halfpipe including skatelite surface basic handrails and subframe foundation

Late 2014 for $12000
3 - 1/2 foot 3 sheet

Fully treated halfpipe including a subframe foundation

Jan 2016 for $5400
3 1/2 foot 3 1/2 sheet

Fully Treated Halfpipe Including a suframe foundation

mid 2014 for $5800
3 foot 3 sheet

Fully Treated Halfpipe Built In Hamilton

Late 2012 for $4500
3 foot 3 sheet

Fully treated Halfpipe built in the coromandle 

Early 2016 for $4500
2.7 foot 3 sheet with Extension

Fully treated halfpipe Including foundation at a height of 2.7 foot including a 1 sheet extension at 3.7 foot 



September 2014 for $5400
3foot 2Sheet Halfpipe

Fully treated Halfpipe Including a subframe foundation and Basic Handrails

Xmas 2015 for $4400
3-1/2 foot 3-1/2 sheet

100% treated Halfpipe Including the cost of a subframe foundation.

Early 2015 for $5800
3.5Foot 3Sheet Full halfpipe

Extra foundation charge requiered if building on uneven surface

feb 2014 for $4600
3Foot 3Sheet Full Halfpipe
Late 2012 for $4250
4Foot 4Sheet Full Halfpipe including Handrail

100% Treated halfpipe built on site as new in Taranaki.



Nov 2013 for $8000
Torbay 2012


1.5 Foot Quarter pipe/wedge combo

1.5Foot Tall 1200mm Wide 2 Piece combo

1.5 Foot Quarter pipe

1.5 foot 800mm wide 400mm platform

1.5 foot Quarter pipe

1.5 foot 1200mm wide 470mm platform

1.5 foot quarter pipe

1.5 foot tall 1200mm wide 600mm Platform

1.5Foot 2Sheet Wide

1.5foot tall 2400mm wide 500mm Platform

1.5 foot Quarter/wedge Combo

1.5foot Tall 800mm Wide 2 Piece combo

2oomm Curved Kicker

200mm Tall 800mm Wide

200mm Curved Kicker

200mm tall 600mm wide

200mm Wedge kicker

200mm Tall 600mm wide

2foot Qurter Wedge Combo

2foot tall 1200mm Wide 2 ramp combo

2Foot Quarter Pipe

2Foot Quarter Pipe, 1200mm wide 1000mm Platform

2Foot Quarter Pipe

2Foot Quarter Pipe 1200mm wide 600mm Platform

2foot Quarter Pipe

2Foot Quarter 1200mm wide 400mm Platform

3foot 2Sheet quarter pipe

100% Treated Quarter pipe including Galv entry plate

Skate box with angle coping

Manual/grind skate box complete with equal angle coping

Double Coping Spine
  • Great for all levels of skating.
  • 450mm tall, 1200mm wide
Plain and simple Trendy Earth Snowboard Designed Benchseat
  • Heavily Varnished for outdoor protection.
  • 120cm long, 375mm Tall 
Trendy Earth Snowboard Designed Benchseat
  • Heavily Varnished for outdoor protection. 
  • 153cm long, 375mm Tall 
Interchangeable FunBox
  • 2foot high 1200mm wide 3 piece combo.
3ft Quarter Pipe
  • 3foot high, 1200mm wide, 550mm platform