PR code: 212Qtr

2-1/2 Foot 1200mm wide 600mm Platform Quarter pipe

Built to order

$480 incl
PR code: 3ftQtr

3Foot x 1200mm wide 550mm platform Quarter Pipe

Built to order

$500 incl
RD code: 1660WDG

160x600x860mm Wedge Kicker

Current Stock (1)

$110 incl
PR code: 1640WDG

160x400x860mm Wedge Kicker

Current stock (1)

$65 incl
PR code: MSB

200mm x 600mm x800mm 2 Piece Medium speed bump

Built to order

$230 Incl
Small Speed bump

100mm tall 600mmwide 1200mm long 

Current stock : 1

$200 incl
Sk8 Box Open Sided

200 x 600 x 1500 

Manual / Grind Pad complete with Equal angle coping

$275 +GST
300mm Kicker Combo
$420 +GST
1.5 Foot Quarter pipe/wedge combo

1.5Foot Tall 1200mm Wide 2 Piece combo

$525 +GST
1.5 Foot Quarter pipe

1.5 foot 800mm wide 400mm platform

$220 +GST
1.5 foot Quarter pipe

1.5 foot 1200mm wide 500mm platform

Current stock: 1

$380 Incl
1.5 foot quarter pipe

1.5 foot tall 1200mm wide 600mm Platform

$375 +GST
1.5Foot 2Sheet Wide

1.5foot tall 2400mm wide 500mm Platform

$650 +GST
1.5 foot Quarter/wedge Combo

1.5foot Tall 800mm Wide 2 Piece combo

$450 +GST
2oomm Curved Kicker

200mm Tall 800mm Wide

$175 +GST
200mm Curved Kicker

200mm tall 600mm wide

$150 +GST
200mm Wedge kicker

200mm Tall 600mm wide

$150 +GST
2foot Qurter Wedge Combo

2foot tall 1200mm Wide 2 ramp combo

$650 +GST
2Foot Quarter Pipe

2Foot Quarter Pipe, 1200mm wide 1000mm Platform

$460 +gst
2Foot Quarter Pipe

2Foot Quarter Pipe 1200mm wide 600mm Platform

$400 +GST
2foot Quarter Pipe

2Foot Quarter 1200mm wide 400mm Platform

Current stock: 1

$400 Incl
3foot 2Sheet quarter pipe

100% Treated Quarter pipe including Galv entry plate

$900 +GST
Skate box with angle coping

200 x 600 x 2000mm

Fully Enclosed Manual/grind skate box complete with equal angle coping


$375 +GST
PR cod: DCS

450mm tall, 1200mm wide Double coping spine

Built to order

$575 Incl
Plain and simple Trendy Earth Snowboard Designed Benchseat
  • Heavily Varnished for outdoor protection.
  • 120cm long, 375mm Tall 
$200 +GST
Trendy Earth Snowboard Designed Benchseat
  • Heavily Varnished for outdoor protection. 
  • 153cm long, 375mm Tall 
$250 +GST
Interchangeable FunBox
  • 2foot high 1200mm wide 3 piece combo.
$790 +GST