1.5 Foot Quarter pipe/wedge combo

1.5Foot Tall 1200mm Wide 2 Piece combo

1.5 Foot Quarter pipe

1.5 foot 800mm wide 400mm platform

1.5 foot Quarter pipe

1.5 foot 1200mm wide 470mm platform

1.5 foot quarter pipe

1.5 foot tall 1200mm wide 600mm Platform

1.5Foot 2Sheet Wide

1.5foot tall 2400mm wide 500mm Platform

1.5 foot Quarter/wedge Combo

1.5foot Tall 800mm Wide 2 Piece combo

2oomm Curved Kicker

200mm Tall 800mm Wide

200mm Curved Kicker

200mm tall 600mm wide

200mm Wedge kicker

200mm Tall 600mm wide

2foot Qurter Wedge Combo

2foot tall 1200mm Wide 2 ramp combo

2Foot Quarter Pipe

2Foot Quarter Pipe, 1200mm wide 1000mm Platform

2Foot Quarter Pipe

2Foot Quarter Pipe 1200mm wide 600mm Platform

2foot Quarter Pipe

2Foot Quarter 1200mm wide 400mm Platform

Electric Longboard
Electric Lonboard

Includes Remote & Chargers

3foot 2Sheet quarter pipe

100% Treated Quarter pipe including Galv entry plate

Skate box with angle coping

Manual/grind skate box complete with equal angle coping

Double Coping Spine
  • Great for all levels of skating.
  • 450mm tall, 1200mm wide
Plain and simple Trendy Earth Snowboard Designed Benchseat
  • Heavily Varnished for outdoor protection.
  • 120cm long, 375mm Tall 
Trendy Earth Snowboard Designed Benchseat
  • Heavily Varnished for outdoor protection. 
  • 153cm long, 375mm Tall 
Interchangeable FunBox
  • 2foot high 1200mm wide 3 piece combo.
  • (old Pic) Now fully treated including entry plates
3ft Quarter Pipe
  • 3foot high, 1200mm wide, 550mm platform